Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027-2030


  • The price of BCH might end 2024 on a bullish note, with the prediction at $985.
  • Between 2027, and 2028, BCH is expected to experience a bearish phase.
  • The long-term outlook for BCH remains bullish, indicating that the coin could be $1,897 by 2030.

Leaving Bitcoin (BTC) behind due to its providing cheaper fees and faster transactions led to the creation of Bitcoin Cash. Since then, the project has been involved in global payments and remittances. However, there were challenges in the process but remaining relevant after so many years indicated that the project’s fundamentals were solid.

In this article, Coin Edition dives into Bitcoin Cash, explaining the basics and idea behind the project. Beyond that, you would learn about the price performance and analysis. In addition, this article will discuss the price prediction from 2024 to 2025.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Real Time Market Status

🪙 Name Bitcoin Cash
💱 Symbol BCH
🏅 Rank #14
💲 Price $663.280356859
📊 Price Change (1h) -0.11 %
📊 Price Change (24h) 12.15 %
📊 Price Change (7d) 37.97 %
💵 Market Cap $13056988882.9
💸 Circulating Supply 19685475 BCH
💰 Total Supply 19685475 BCH

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is currently trading at $663.280356859 and sits at number #14 on CoinMarketCap in terms of market capitalization. There are 19685475 BCH coins currently in circulation, bringing the total market cap to $13056988882.9.

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin Cash has increased by 12.15%. Looking at the last week, the coin is up by 37.97%.

What is Bitcoin Cash (BCH)?

In simple terms, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a decentralized cryptocurrency that does not require an intermediary. Like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that helps with fast payments globally. The project also employs a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus like Bitcoin.

However, Bitcoin Cash differs from Bitcoin in some ways. In 2017, the project appeared as a result of a Bitcoin hard fork. The reason the spilt happened was because Bitcoin lacked scaling capabilities and transactions fees were a bit high.

But with Bitcoin Cash, transaction fees have become lower, and the increase in block size meant that it could meet global remittance needs much better than Bitcoin. As of this writing, Bitcoin’s block size was 1MB while Bitcoin Cash’s was 32MB, indicating that the latter can handle more transactions per second.

BCH Current Market Status

BCH’s price as of this writing was $679.89, thanks to a 17.35% increase in the last 24 hours. Like the price, the trading volume of the project also jumped and surpassed $1.28 billion. 

Bitcoin Cash is ranked the 14th most valuable cryptocurrency and has a market capitalization of $13.67 billion. Interestingly, its maxim supply is 21 million coins like that of BTC. But 19.68 million out of the supply were in circulation. 

If you intend to buy BCH, you can find the cryptocurrency on exchanges including Coinbase, Binance, and Kraken. Other exchanges offer BCH pairs besides these three.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis

With BCH creating an astonishing 162% increase on a Year-To-Date (YTD) basis, it is important to analyze the price action. In this segment, Coin Edition looks at the short-term analysis of Bitcoin Cash. Furthermore, you will also find the price predictions of the coins from 2024 to 2030.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis – Bollinger Bands

From the 4-hour BCH/USD chart, the Bollinger Bands (BB) showed that volatility around the coin has increased. Hence, BCH might experience massive price fluctuation in the short term. If buying pressure increases, then the coin might extend above $700.

On the other hand, a decline in buying momentum could drag the price southward. At press time, the upper band of the BB tapped BCH at $685.19, indicating that the coin was overbought.

BCH/USD 4-Hour Chart (Source: TradingView)

With this circumstance, it is possible to see BCH’s price decline. In a highly bearish case, the price of BCH might slip below $592.29. However, if bulls can defend the support at $603, then the bearish bias might be invalidated.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis – Relative Strength Index (RSI)

At press time, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) had a reading of 76.18. This reading reinforced the signals by the Bollinger Bands that BCH was overbought. An extension of the RSI might drive the price higher.

But that might only last a short period, and it seemed that the cryptocurrency was due for a decline. If the price falls, the conservative target could be between $562 and $592.

BCH/USD 4-Hour Chart (Source: TradingView)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Analysis – Moving Average Convergence Divergence

The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) tracks the momentum of a cryptocurrency. For BCH, the MACD was positive, suggesting a solid buying momentum. A further assessment of the indicator showed that the 12 EMA (blue) had outpaced the 26 EMA (orange). 

This was a sign that demand for Bitcoin Cash had outweighed the selling pressure. If the EMAs maintain this position, then the price of the coin might increase. However, sellers overtaking buyers would see the BCH tank. In the short term, a retracement might occur but a significant correction might not be on the cards.

BCH/USD 4-Hour Chart (Source: TradingView)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2024

Technical analysis showed that the price of BCH would most likely increase in 2024. For instance, Coin Edition looked at the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) on the daily chart. 

At press time, the 50 EMA (blue) had crossed over the 200 EMA (yellow), indicating a long-term bullish trend for the coin. From the look of things, the price of Bitcoin Cash might not drop below the 50 or 200 EMA, reinforcing the bullish thesis.

If there is a severe correction, BCH might drop to $486.05. However, the bullish price prediction for the cryptocurrency could be as high as $985 in 2024.

BCH/USD 4-Hour Chart (Source: TradingView)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction – Resistance and Support Levels

According to the 4-hour BCH/USD chart, bulls camped at the $472.78 support on March 27. Moments after this, there was a lot of buying pressure which later drove BCH above $500. However, the coin faced resistance when it hit $547.11, forcing a decline to $525.

But the drawdown did not last long as bulls found another support at $593.29.  As a result of this, BCH was able to extend to $700. But going forward, the coin might encounter another resistance. 

However, bulls are expected to clear this path. In the coming months, the price might undergo a correction. But recovery might also be quick.

BCH/USD 4-Hour Chart (Source: TradingView)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2025

2025 looks like a big year for the crypto market with many predictions saying Bitcoin might hit six figures. As mentioned earlier, BCH has shown a solid correlation with BTC over the past year. If this continues, BCH’s price might hit $1,150 in 2025.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2026

The bull cycle might extend into 2026 but the performances of many cryptocurrencies might not be as impressive as 20240 and 2025. Therefore, the price prediction for BCH could be $1,275.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2027

By 2027, it is expected that the market might have low liquidity. If there is low liquidity, then demand for coins would decrease and affect prices negatively. Hence, BCH might retrace to $867 in 2027.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2028

In 2029, BCH might find it hard to recover to 2026 highs. For most of the year, it is expected that the price might move sideways. But by December 2028, the price could be $789.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2029

In 2029, the crypto market cap is expected to surpass $20 trillion. Hitting this value means that the prices of altcoins like BCH would also increase. From our analysis. The price of BCH might be $1,560 in 2029.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2030

An extended rally is expected in 2030. By this period, crypto adoption must have hit new heights and institutional capital might have surged into a lot of project. With this forecast, BCH might hit $1,897 in 2030.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2040

The price of BCH might attempt to hit its current all-time high in 2040. But the attempt might fail as money might flow into other shiny projects. As such, BCH’s price might hit a maximum of $2,436 in 2040.

Minimum Price  Average Price Maximum Price
$1,623.34 $1,957.30 $2,436.92

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Price Prediction 2050

In 2050, BCH might surpass its previous all-time high. From our assessment of the market, whales and a thriving community might be responsible for the prediction as demand for the coin is expected to increase. On the average, BCH might trade around $2,976.36. At the maximum level, the price of the coin might hit $3,560.55.

Minimum Price  Average Price Maximum Price
$2,057.32 $2,976.36 $3,560.55


To end this analysis, let’s remind you that BCH is a hard fork of Bitcoin and independently operates despite using the PoW consensus. As per its price, the value of BCH has the potential to increase. 

However, if you plan to hold for the short term, you might need to look for a decline. On the other hand, long-term holders who decide to buy BCH might gain from the price action. But this is not guaranteed.


What is BCH?

BCH is the native cryptocurrency of Bitcoin Cash, a 2017 hard fork of Bitcoin. With BCH, users can make fast payments without worrying about large transaction fees. The coin is also decentralized. Therefore, users can make use of the electronic cash system without any intermediary.

How do you buy BCH?

You can buy BCH on exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and a host of others. All you need to do is place an order directly for the coin. Another method is by exchanging one of your assets for it. For example, if you own USDT or BTC, you can look for the pair with BCH and exchange it.

Is BCH a good investment?

For those who bought BCH at the beginning of 2024, the coin has proven to be a good investment. Moving on, it can also be a good investment for those who intend to buy as the cycle is deemed to bring in a lot of gains for many projects. However, you might need to look for a good entry or wait for a correction before accumulating BCH for potential profits.

What is BCH’s all-time high?

BCH’s all-time high was $3,335 in December 2017.

Will BCH reach $1000 soon?

It is not certain if Bitcoin Cash will reach $1000 soon but the coin has the potential. One thing we have observed is that BCH has a strong correlation with Bitcoin. Therefore, if Bitcoin’s price hits $100,000, there is a chance that BCH will hit $1,000.

What is the maximum supply of BCH?

The maximum supply of BCH is 21 million coins.

Will BCH surpass its current ATH?

Honestly, it might be difficult for BCH to surpass its current ATH especially as it is about 5x below it. Also, the market cap of the cryptocurrency seems too large for the price to rise past $3,000 again. However, the value of the coin would most likely rise higher but hitting or crossing the currency ATH seems like a stretch.

What is the lowest price of BCH?

The lowest price of BCH was $103 in June 2022.

Who is the founder of BCH?

There is no particular founder of BCH. Instead, a group of miners and developers came together to split from Bitcoin to scale Bitcoin Cash.

Which year was BCH launched?

Bitcoin Cash was launched in 2017.

What will be the price of BCH in 2024?

The price prediction for 2024 is $985.

What will be the price of BCH in 2025?

In 2025, the price of BCH could be $1,150.

What will be the price of BCH in 2026?

The price of BCH is expected to hit $1,275 by 2026.

What will be the price of BCH in 2027?

Bitcoin Cash is expected to undergo a correction in 2027 which could drive its price to $867.

What will be the price of BCH in 2028?

The price of BCH might have dropped to $789 by December 2028.

What will be the price of BCH in 2029?

By 2029, BCH’s price might be $1,560.

What will be the price of BCH in 2030?

2030 might be a good year for BCH with the price prediction at $1,897.

What will be the price of BCH in 2040?

By 2040, the price of the coin could be $2,436.92.

What will be the price of BCH in 2050?

The price of BCH is projected to hit $3,560.55 in 2050.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is for informational and educational purposes only. The article does not constitute financial advice or advice of any kind. Coin Edition is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of the utilization of content, products, or services mentioned. Readers are advised to exercise caution before taking any action related to the company.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this article is for informational and educational purposes only. The article does not constitute financial advice or advice of any kind. Coin Edition is not responsible for any losses incurred as a result of the utilization of content, products, or services mentioned. Readers are advised to exercise caution before taking any action related to the company.


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